Yet again another “provocative” invitation

With a full moon of Inspiration and Truth WHO has drafted the pandemic treaty. Some believe, the worst is behind us. Yet again, i m willing to alert you on some truths that are trying to become facts. You can t take an advisory board and give it international power to impose lockdowns, vax passports … Continue reading Yet again another “provocative” invitation

Dedicated to the brave ones

Today is the day to tell you: Do not allow anyone to bully you, belittle you and dismiss you.If someone disagrees with you, let them disagree with respect. If they can t be respectful, walk away from them. You re respecting yourself this way and also give them a chance for growth too. We, for … Continue reading Dedicated to the brave ones

Grief and how it can define us

Grief: A M..F.. you need to deal with. It s a process, it takes time, it makes you loose faith and makes you doubt most of what you thought you knew.In the middle of all this, there is guilt, judgement, fatigue, loss of interest of life, self destruction, depression and feelings of abundoment and being … Continue reading Grief and how it can define us

The hospitality that translates to indifference or lack of caring

I decided to write about it as it comes to my attention both in daily human interactions and/or work with my clients. I ll mainly use examples to help you understand the concept. When you interact with people that directly or indirectly have informed you of health challenges they encounter or “weaknesses” they try to … Continue reading The hospitality that translates to indifference or lack of caring

The eyes within the moment now & the great opportunity

Good day to you all, I asked My Spiritual Committees to transmit information for you and this is what they gave me: "Many the tears that will be dropped, many will be as the pain and the loss”. Everything that you tried to protect out of fear & mistrust to your own abilities, and everything … Continue reading The eyes within the moment now & the great opportunity

Channeled transmissions date 5/12/2021. Important🌞

“… will almost look like a reset. And in many ways, it will be. Some elements will go to zero, others will come forward to become the center. You need to reform, rebuild the structures. There s structure in Universe. Structure is part of life. The virus doesn t exactly mutate. It has different parts … Continue reading Channeled transmissions date 5/12/2021. Important🌞

Dropping the programs and the programming. Are you ready?

If anything, 2021 taught us to be more flexible, more doubting, more resilient and possibly more courageous. For those who remained enfolded in fear, things will be bumpier this year. We are in transit from a state of full program on mentality and everyday life to a more resilient style that involves flexibility and intense … Continue reading Dropping the programs and the programming. Are you ready?

A message. Do you need this?

Teaching Now that we passed into 2022, everyone has turned into New Year’s wishes, not wanting to discuss the real problems.The wishes indicate what the world should be. Wishes are not a dream. They express common, real desires and needs. And they should be granted with ease. Looking into the world and evaluate everything you … Continue reading A message. Do you need this?

Happy New Year, a prayer

2022 be compassionate and hold the space for healing and recovery. Be the year of the great shift and allow people to shift the old paradigms into new fruitful ones. Be love, Freedom and Joy. Hold the light to those who need it the most and allow the light workers to stand still and spread … Continue reading Happy New Year, a prayer

Many frequencies & Realities in a two tier Society

Have you noticed that we are a two tier society?Different frequencies and beliefs. And the narrative suggests, we are two categories only. But of course, the system they try to promote serves only their own narrative. We are many different frequencies and realities. Not just two. When you categorize people in two categories, you have … Continue reading Many frequencies & Realities in a two tier Society