As an Angel Therapy® practitioner I can only give praise to the Angels and the magnificent work they do and the gifts and messages they share with us.

As the name suggests Angelic Therapy involves messages and guidance offered by our beloved Angels. The Angels also provide healing medicine and prescriptions(non medical!!).
During this time, you will experience immense understanding and an uplifting energy. Although the information is communicated through the therapist, you will experience energy shifts, understanding, compassion, receive solutions and suggestions for the most appropriate paths you could choose and walk into.

The Angels have told me it is important to say few things to you in relation to them:
Although there is an intensive opening created for people to experience such therapies and receive guidance nowadays, a few of you may experience resistance through fears that are holding you back. You may hold limiting ideas and beliefs about this type of communication and healing and experience religious restrictions and inner conflicts.

The Angels exist in all religions and they hold a dominant position in the bible and in the stories of sainthood, mother Mary and other religious figures of our world. They are the messengers of God and are here to support all people and our earth, independently of our religious background and beliefs. The love of God is not limited to a specific religion because He loves us all and has created His messengers to reach us and support us.

Amongst all the years I hold Angel Therapy® sessions and commune with the Spirit World(All beings of light), I have only experienced blessing, love and miraculous healings for myself and my clients. It is a therapy dear to my heart; Angelic energy is sweet, loving, compassionate, expansive and playful.

I do feel honored to be their Channel and bring people closer to them. All my words in the world would not be enough to justify the way I feel about them and this special connection I share with them. Angels are the messengers that God created to bring forth His messages. They set the path and allow for the means for all of us to connect back to Him and re-discover our way back to Him, our Home.

God can be named the Source, the energy that brings forth Worlds and unites Worlds. By God i mean the Source that gave birth to us, the Source we came forth from and is our origin.


Eleftheria Pagkalou is a Certified Angel Therapy® Practitioner