Dropping the programs and the programming. Are you ready?

If anything, 2021 taught us to be more flexible, more doubting, more resilient and possibly more courageous.

For those who remained enfolded in fear, things will be bumpier this year.

We are in transit from a state of full program on mentality and everyday life to a more resilient style that involves flexibility and intense undoing.

Let me talk simply and metaphorically to assist your process.

There s a path in school where you need to study from year to year to advance in modules. If you don t study, things accumulate and a gap is created in coherence of knowledge. You pass from one class to another possibly but things seem to be getting harder and harder with modules. Why? Because if you don t do the homework, gradually you get disconnected and can t follow up with them.

Same thing with life in the last two years. These years are transformational promoting in many ways evolution. The undoing of things is everywhere around us as well as a sharp introduction to completely new approaches to things. It seems as if there s a cut to what was known and what comes to become.

We are beings of habit. When emergencies show up we adjust to manage but we rely heavily on our instinct to bring us out of the safe mode and put us into the survival mode.

But what happens when an emergency becomes a daily event that needs management? And what if management proves to be insufficient? What happens when we are exposed to prolonged urgent stimulus/stressor? What happens when we find out that what we used to do which worked out nicely for us, is no longer working?

An undoing is a process that can be very painful. It pushes you to rely on yourself in unknown territories and at the same time, creates new networks operating in new structures.

Why are we on the top of the process of undoing and exploring new structures?

There s a very old programming defining our daily lives that has brought us where we are today. My purpose is not to judge this programming but to tell you “it s absolutely necessary to undo it and let go this old programming” because it s no longer appropriate for our survival.

As the story goes, the last two years only bring us closer to undoing and push us towards creating new structures.

The old programming was a step in our evolution and takes us back to industrial revolution that brought us straight up to technological revolution. The purpose was to make our lives easier and offer us the freedom to experience life in more free and creative ways. But, we depended heavily on our creations. Instead of using them to create simpler, more fulfilling lives, we came to be serving the very technologies we dreamed of becoming the tools to our liberation. The more our creations come to hunt us down and demand our presence, the more we are pushed backwards into our lower realities(looking like the past) whilst at the same time, these very realities are meant to push us ahead into our ancient home.

What am I talking about?

The more we decent to lower states of reality, the more we are given the chance to remember who we are.

The undoing involves regression.

Regression many times coincides with the possibility for evolution.

Kill the program to kill the programming.

How do you feel without a program of known origins?

A program you have no experience of?

A life that seems unstructured or is getting destroyed?

Don t try to save the old. The old can never be lost if it serves the presence.

If you cannot let go of something, perhaps you never really possessed it.

Fear of losing coincides with being unaware of the nature of creation.

Grief is also on the table. Who and what is it that has the power to destroy what you created?

And here comes the juicy part:

Was it even yours to begin with? Was the program set before you and you were found suddenly within it? Telling you to create deliberately into the program?

Did you create within someone else s reality?

Who are you without the programs and the programming?

Last thing to tell you:

If you don t do the work, the work will find you. And the more the time passes and you resist, the more difficult it becomes.

From the new world,

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