Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a therapy done by the Spirit through our Higher Self committee.
The purpose is to remove and clear programs, energies, vows and any other discordance which is blocking you from becoming the true you.
You have a positive potential which can be manifested in your present life if you choose to. SRT is one of the ways to assist you on this path. It reaches different aspects of your life from career, intimate relationship, friendships, health etc. and clears negative patterns and beliefs which prevent you from moving ahead, make decisions, engage to action due to ego manifestations such as procrastination and negative thoughts which often tell you “you are insufficient, not qualified, don’t have the knowledge nor the strength to make up decisions and act”.

Srt is a brilliant therapy for your present life because it is able to reach your subconscious and unconscious mind where your awareness doesn’t easily have access to and allow you to clear whatever exists there and acts as a shadow to your daily life.
It transcends the human ego and dives into past lives and future lives because the therapy doesn’t recognize nor is influenced by the limitations of time and space. It is deriving from a space where all is known and the limitations of your current world, as you know it, do not exist.

It is recommended usually before other treatments are held in order to remove barriers and smooth out the healing processes or as an independent healing modality which efficiently supports you on your journey to healing. It is meant to liberate you from limitations and restrictive psychological states and attitudes and free your mind from repetitive thoughts and thought patterns that relate to suffering and pain.

This is one of the therapies you can request independently of your Country and town of residency. It is available to all who may request it.

Below if you prefer, you can watch a small video I created to explain to you SRT.