Yet again another “provocative” invitation

With a full moon of Inspiration and Truth WHO has drafted the pandemic treaty. Some believe, the worst is behind us. Yet again, i m willing to alert you on some truths that are trying to become facts. You can t take an advisory board and give it international power to impose lockdowns, vax passports … Continue reading Yet again another “provocative” invitation

Dedicated to the brave ones

Today is the day to tell you: Do not allow anyone to bully you, belittle you and dismiss you.If someone disagrees with you, let them disagree with respect. If they can t be respectful, walk away from them. You re respecting yourself this way and also give them a chance for growth too. We, for … Continue reading Dedicated to the brave ones

The eyes within the moment now & the great opportunity

Good day to you all, I asked My Spiritual Committees to transmit information for you and this is what they gave me: "Many the tears that will be dropped, many will be as the pain and the loss”. Everything that you tried to protect out of fear & mistrust to your own abilities, and everything … Continue reading The eyes within the moment now & the great opportunity

Is the moment now?

This era is very powerful and intense. It comes as a storm after the years of a low harvesting due to the damage we have caused to our planet There are years we place the seeds on the soil and years of harvesting. There comes a time before the storm that one experiences loss and … Continue reading Is the moment now?