This is where I live with my husband and where the Center is located. Crete is the biggest island of Greece at the Southest point of the country. It is a small paradise.

Here you can find all you can imagine. The island is popular for the amazing sceneries, the beautiful beaches, the warm days throughout the biggest part of the year. It holds all you may wish to experience. Mountains, beaches, gorges, town life and/or visiting traditional villages. Different parts of the island offer different experiences.

We live in the East in the town of Agios Nikolaos. We are located next to Heraklion which is the airport and it is less than an hour driving with a car. Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nikolaos) is a tourist town with beautiful beaches and its popular lake at its center. It is an ideal place to visit for your vacations and combine it with therapy, learning, yoga, massage. You can book your vacations online and contact us to book sessions with us (visit to view more of what the Center offers and organizes). You may want us to organize a retreat for you, offering a combination of our services. Or you may prefer to contact us directly. We can suggest and/or organize your accommodation the area and create a special retreat for you in our small paradise.

In the area you can find both cheaper accommodation and luxury 5 stars Hotels. Agios Nikolaos is located next to Elounda which is popular for its 5 star Hotels.


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