Dedicated to the brave ones

Today is the day to tell you:

Do not allow anyone to bully you, belittle you and dismiss you.
If someone disagrees with you, let them disagree with respect. If they can t be respectful, walk away from them.

You re respecting yourself this way and also give them a chance for growth too.

We, for generations, have been bullied, dismissed, underestimated, disrespected. And this is a big part of where we are today.

We were forced to put aside our inner voice, surrender our power to others, and suppress our dignity with the hope we won t loose it. Yet, through the eons, we did loose our dignity and self respect. Because in conditions of chronic suppression and disrespect, we forget who we are and we get disempowered.

All along we had within us the higher knowledge and wisdom to know higher Truth, yet one way or another we were pushed to
Put it aside and follow the dogma pushed and promoted by the “elite” of each era, impressing on us what they wanted us to believe and become.

This world is going through a chaotic phase or so it would seem to anyone who doesn t know what s going on. Yet, the chaos you observe is caused by us and is in order to the actions made upon centuries. Therefore, it could be more in alignment with our actions rather than against them.
Most people don t even stop to think the impact of their actions as they seem to be oblivious to the truth ie. How powerful we all are. If you are told for life, you are ruled by others and need to obey, instead of using your own mind for good, you have accepted others doing the thinking on your behalf.

We know deep inside us the truth.
We know that something is wrong, yet somehow, as if we are robots, we get up each day and go back to sleep in the evening doing nothing about it.

Whether you know it or not, I m telling you, our actions right now have a massive impact on the collective which reflects back to us where we stand as species.

If you thought you can live happy and ignore others’ actions as if they don t reach you, know that this is part of a story of personal empowerment. But the truth of the matter is, living within a society that has rules, makes you ruled by these rules to a certain extent.
There was a time, we had to invest time to doing work with ourselves, get empowered, know thyself, become a whole individual. The times now are here to shift a collective and the individual work done is much helpful, the inner wisdom, intuition with your heart open. It offers immunity, yet, it doesn t leave you unmarked of the effects of the collective. Because now is the time, to stand as a human collective rather than turning to individual interests and growth.

This is why hundred of thousands of people are in crisis and feeling a chaotic environment around them.

You can t continue doing what you were doing. This time is over. You have to be compassionate, caring, loving, disciplined, aligned with the higher truth and tuned in to your intuition to thrive and in some occasions to survive.

If you re not, you won t know what s coming upon us. You may be feeling threatened, but you don t trully understand the dangers of what you have allowed to exist for many years in your life.

Here I have chosen to call out,
The bullying, disrespect, violation of integrity for centuries that have damaged and compromised your integrity by default. You tolerate the unspeakable, unheard of, unimaginable in the name of safety, obedience, false authority, abusive power and corruption that at times you can t see it for what it is.

Your tolerance that is the result of centuries of disensitization, is false. It belongs to the world of illusions and is feeding the beast. And it s about time you wake up and you allow yourself to get back what was always there for you to claim. Ie your personal authority.

I was reminded lately through the loss of a beloved 3 year old girl that a system that is false gives birth to atrocities. It also reminded me that a soul can in a split second decide to walk out of this life if there s too much violation. Not necessarily personal, but collective. Because there is a moment in time, where enough is enough and in a moment of empowerment, we can realize we have a choice and we can choose otherwise. Because we are brilliant and because we have the power to do what others cannot imagine possible. And sometimes this is walking away from that which is not aligned with your inner presence. And many times, this is death. A cold death that leaves us all standing frozen in time, wanting to deprive us of our sanity. Yet, when there s a higher calling, such a loss can give birth to deep realizations and create massive shifts to the collective. Such a soul is characterized by bravery indeed.

Today Penny would turn 4 years old in human years, instead she is a star in the skies roaming free. I consider her a teacher of mine because the pain she caused inside me pushed me to another deep transformational journey.
Her loss was what I was warning people since 2020 that would become unavoidable. But I never thought she would be one of those to demonstrate the impact of our actions in a massive scale. Perhaps, at a soul level
I knew something bad would come out of these violations that intensified the last 3 years. Penny was born 23 January 2019, the year before the pandemic and exited this world on the 4th December 2022, the time the pandemic results started showing up at another massive scale.

Before ending this, I d like to advise you this:

Never focus on short small solutions. Do not set for the less. Because actions have a deep and long term effect. The more you care for others and the collective, the more you learn to live in the present moment and be spontaneous. Which is the opposite of what most people and teachers have told you.

If we could deeply care, much pain would be avoided.

RIP Penny❤️

2023 © Eleftheria Pagkalou

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