The magical World of doTERRA essential oils

For years now, I have been using essential oils for their ability to support healing naturally. I used them in my household and my private practice.

After some health challenges myself and my family faced, I needed to add something to my healing toolbox that I could turn to easily. Something that would be reliable and within my reach. Something that would be pure and powerful.

My clients trust me their healing and emotional recovery. They follow my guidance on natural healing. I always offer the solutions I have tested and are the best. The ones that produce results and are pure.

This is when doTERRA essential oils showed up. Not only i found what i wished for but even more.

doTERRA is bringing together what I requested. Purity and potency. One drop of essential oil is enough to create a shift. Our testing methods are unmatched. There is no standard for the essential oils produced in the market as i write this, and doTERRA decided to create testing methods to ensure purity and potency. Each bottle has to pass the tests in place to ensure the high standards the company promises. Each bottle contains a number. You can see the tests run on it in their page Transparency is one of the most important qualities to me.

Below, you can see their CPTG quality testing:

Furthermore, we in doTERRA, love supporting the farmers. Each essential oil is produced in the area around the world that the oil reach its maximum attributes. We produce them their homeland. We harvest at the best times only. We collaborate with the local farmers to create the best outcome and we stand by the local farmer. We make sure, they are well paid and supported. In areas where they and their community suffer, we do everything possible to support them. Our efforts include building schools and making sure they have access to clean water.

Further causes come into play. doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®️has the mission to empower people worldwide to make positive sustainable change.

Our vision

To promote sustainable change by supporting initiatives that alleviate extreme poverty, improve quality of life, and ensure basic human rights

In the link below, you will find more information on healing hands.

There is an essential oil for everything

I use essential oils for everything. Top uses are:


Cleansing the house

Pain and Inflammation

Emotional support



Create a healthy baseline


Hormonal support

Joints and Muscles

Detoxing the body

Supporting Internal organs

Detoxing emotions

This list doesn’t contain everything. If you need information for something that isn’t mentioned above, please feel free to contact me.

These essential oils are safe for all ages, babies and kids included.

If you are ready to order follow the link below:

We are an international team. There s a wonderful support, positive energy and we grow together. My vision is to assist others in their healing journey with natural, sustainable, CPTG essential oils.

If you register with me, we ll have a 30min online meeting where we ll cover the basics of your essential oils and I will assist you to discover how to use them for your personal needs.

If you want more information and assistance to register contact me and I will assist you on the process.

We run essential oil classes where you can receive more information on them. Please contact me for more information. You can also send me any questions you may have and I ll contact you asap.

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Love and Light to you,


Changing the World, One drop at a time