Throughout the years of my working experience, i discovered the need of people for something more organized, deeper and mystical at the same time.

Amongst the different healing modalities I applied to each individual requesting my services, I realized there was a constant need for

“something deeper, more meaningful, heart felt, reaching deeper within them. There lied deep sadness, desperation, disappointment, pessimism which could be replaced by optimism, release and liberation, love, purpose in life, warmth, goals and dreams which for years were buried or were lost”.

Each one of the Therapies I employee at my private Practice are unique, far reaching, serving catharsis and clearing purposes, installing orientation, assisting goal setting, providing guidance, liberation from blocks and release from fears, and aim at aligning the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energy, Spiritual and Etheric bodies.

My experience has led me to believe that people more and more need Holistic Therapy approaches for there is an ever increasing need to understand more their life, they crave for opportunities to get activated, more involved and engage into conscious acting.

Soul Coaching has become a part of my work both in my private practice and online because it offers holistic solutions to the individual and prepares him/her to enter different levels of consciousness and understand them. The individual has the chance to actively participate in his/her own personal transformation and evolution according to his own Will (Empirically, this has repeatedly been shown to become inevitable when the individual is exposed to his/her Soul energy during the coaching).

The results are immediate and the shift remarkable.
It is achieved:
Alignment of life purpose at a soul level and
incredible change of attitude towards life and behaviors within a short period of time.

Soul Coaching transcends the human personality barrier and the human ego and it, therefore, allows the individual to align and experience a peaceful and harmonized life.

Soul characteristics unfold through the Consultation and guidance and support are offered to the individual directly from his/her soul level.

Blocks and traumas from the past, conscious and unconscious, come forth, materialize and guide the path towards the release of fears and other negative to the memory imprints.

Above clearing though, first comes the individual in the therapeutic equation and for this reason, holistic healing is accomplished. Understanding, problem resolution and soulful guidance is achieved through the soul navigating System and the safety experienced within the soul environment. Optimism, positive thinking and thinking outside the box are well established. The gift that the individual is offered is the one emerging directly from his/her soul.

Those having tasted the transformational power of Soul Coaching report that the process reminds them of a deep archetypical procedure which resonates with their deeper truth. Few of them heal from the pain and others experience a deep transformation which may come forth as a shift in their breathing pattern i.e. becoming deeper and more relaxed. Incredible is the emotional shift taking place. One is able to dive deeper into his/her life purpose. At the physical level it is reported improvement in the quality of sleep which is often accompanied by a decrease in stress levels. Removing blocks has a tremendous impact at the physical level and the individual has the chance to experience a re-set on his/her life.