Yet again another “provocative” invitation

With a full moon of Inspiration and Truth WHO has drafted the pandemic treaty. Some believe, the worst is behind us. Yet again, i m willing to alert you on some truths that are trying to become facts. You can t take an advisory board and give it international power to impose lockdowns, vax passports … Continue reading Yet again another “provocative” invitation

Dedicated to the brave ones

Today is the day to tell you: Do not allow anyone to bully you, belittle you and dismiss you.If someone disagrees with you, let them disagree with respect. If they can t be respectful, walk away from them. You re respecting yourself this way and also give them a chance for growth too. We, for … Continue reading Dedicated to the brave ones

This is a guidance, a step by step path and an overview of what you re offered energetically right here and now Important : if you want to receive first the guidance and unique offers, make sure you follow my website. In your email you ll be receiving news first. Copyright Eleftheria Pagkalou 2022

Happy New Year, a prayer

2022 be compassionate and hold the space for healing and recovery. Be the year of the great shift and allow people to shift the old paradigms into new fruitful ones. Be love, Freedom and Joy. Hold the light to those who need it the most and allow the light workers to stand still and spread … Continue reading Happy New Year, a prayer

Το παλιό κ το καινούριο. Καλή χρονια.

Το τελος του έτους θα φυγει ετσι με εμένα λέγοντας: Ευχαριστώ για οτι εχω λαβει μεχρι σήμερα απο τη ζωή.Δεν αναγνωρίζω κανενα παλαιό σύστημα που βεβηλώνει τον ελεύθερο άνθρωπο ως κομματι της πραγματικότητας μου.Δεν με αφορα, ουτε με αγγιζει. Το οτι συζήτησα κ ειπα δεν σημαίνει οτι πρεπει να πείσω καποιον. Δεν σημαίνει οτι διαπραγματεύομαι. … Continue reading Το παλιό κ το καινούριο. Καλή χρονια.

Sprays for cleansing, balancing and protecting

These sprays are made with love to cleanse, balance and protect you. They contain pure essential oils + the energy of Archangels + the energy of gem stones + the sound of crystal bowls + made under the sound of channeled music They are made to cleanse your environment and harmonize your chakras and aura … Continue reading Sprays for cleansing, balancing and protecting

An essentially Christmas post

I use DōTERRA Vetiver essential oil before going to bed. I put several drops on a 10ml roller bottle and add a carrier oil(preferably organic). I roll it up on my wrists and neck to support a deep relaxing sleep. Vetiver essential oil is connected to Jesus Christ. The first time I opened Vetiver essential … Continue reading An essentially Christmas post

How to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity

Throughout my years of work, I have repeatedly evidenced people s difficulty to shift lower states of energy. It is one of their complaints and struggles. You hear many times people advising others “you have to let go of negativity and become more positive”. Although it s more easily said than understood and even more … Continue reading How to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity

Many frequencies & Realities in a two tier Society

Have you noticed that we are a two tier society?Different frequencies and beliefs. And the narrative suggests, we are two categories only. But of course, the system they try to promote serves only their own narrative. We are many different frequencies and realities. Not just two. When you categorize people in two categories, you have … Continue reading Many frequencies & Realities in a two tier Society