Grief and how it can define us


A M..F.. you need to deal with. It s a process, it takes time, it makes you loose faith and makes you doubt most of what you thought you knew.
In the middle of all this, there is guilt, judgement, fatigue, loss of interest of life, self destruction, depression and feelings of abundoment and being without a purpose.

Be kind to people.

We entered the era of self gratification thinking life is all about the self and boundaries. And most people think that these very traits and qualities make you cruel or distant.

In reality:
Those with boundaries and self respect are the ones that can demonstrate the highest compassion of all.
Because to get to know boundaries and respect yourself, you many times have to loose everything and be broken. You may have found your way back to integrity through healing and wisdom at the end.

There a a lot of pain and struggle in this world. I don t personally believe it s necessary, yet, it s a human condition. Through it, we die and be reborn. We learn to accept, let go and release. But to become a Phoenix, you need to turn to ashes first.

It can happen to anyone. It can happen to all of us. Be open to others who suffer immense loss.

Celebrate life as much as you can but be considerate of others.

Be grateful for what you have but let this make you generous to others.

We are here for few years only and if it happens to be still alive, celebrate it. The ones who manage to get older, are lucky. No matter what the life has brought to them. To us.

In happiness and in pain, humanity has to find a way to hold hands. Sometimes, you re the lucky one, sometimes the unlucky. Sometimes life favors you, sometimes it takes from you.

I m not suggesting fear.
I m suggesting awareness and Grace.

I thought by 2023, we d be really advanced yet, humanity has chosen a very difficult path and those of us who are still here and will remain here will witness it.

I will not attempt to judge nor tell you what is right or wrong. I only hope that you can receive a bit of guidance and an increase of awareness in these times that hundred of thousand of people feel lost.

The system is collapsing and for it to go down, it will drag humanity down. Souls departing are not lost but brave. They demonstrate our failures as humanity and what we need to do in order to shift paradigms.

We are too small yet big if only we could get a glimpse into our potential. Until we do, we ll act small. We choose to play it small by playing “we are Gods”, sacrificing beauty and happiness along the way.

Be the human you d like others to be.

And don t expect anything in return.

Be the light by choice.

If I can, you can.

If we try, we ll make it.

Dedicated to a dear friend who experienced immense loss recently.

Copyright © Eleftheria Pagkalou 2023

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