Dedicated to the brave ones

Today is the day to tell you: Do not allow anyone to bully you, belittle you and dismiss you.If someone disagrees with you, let them disagree with respect. If they can t be respectful, walk away from them. You re respecting yourself this way and also give them a chance for growth too. We, for … Continue reading Dedicated to the brave ones

The new world. Η καινουρια εποχή.

Here are questions to stimulate growth in you: Do you feel the new world leaning over? How do you feel about it and what it means to you? Αισθανεσαι την καινουρια εποχή να σε ακουμπά; Πως την αισθανεσαι; Τι σημαίνει αυτο για σενα; P.S I promise you nothing is the same anymore, even if you … Continue reading The new world. Η καινουρια εποχή.

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