The eyes within the moment now & the great opportunity

Good day to you all, I asked My Spiritual Committees to transmit information for you and this is what they gave me:

Many the tears that will be dropped,

many will be as the pain and the loss”.

Everything that you tried to protect out of fear & mistrust to your own abilities, and everything you sacrificed because you took for granted, didn’t recognise or didn’t consider were your birth right, will translate mathematically into the strength of a realisation of what you lost, gave away and was yours to have anyway.

The devastation is always proportionally related to the abandonment of your values, the compromises, the infringement of your integrity and your obedience to external forces that are not aligned with your core principles.

If you failed to recognise the threat, the violation, the deception, it is another indication of your misalignment with your core and demonstrates the limitations of your beliefs.

It s absolutely great to have beliefs but times* come, that will challenge you to try them, re-evaluate them and if limiting, to use your free choice to replace them.

Some times are slow and allow you to take your time, be flexible, make mistakes and learn. Other times, request you do the research, your homework and make decisions fast.

There are times that address you personally for growth and other times that address bigger spheres-spectrums and the collective.

In these latter situations you need to understand that your personal time and choices relate to the collective portal. You re an individual entangled generationally into the collective era.

The individual is a unit within the collective.

Understand this:

Wars have been happening in your past. However, the scenery shifted to fit the whole world in it. This makes you open to the collective, and exposes the collective to you. When things come to the front and call on your awareness, your choices may shift. Your work may be or may not be the same. Your function may shift to fit a shift in your perception.

In these times, some of you will stick to the old structures, some of you will see the necessity for new structures or you ll be inspired to be part of the creation of new structures.

The old came to fulfil its purpose and give birth to the new.

And there should be integration. The balances at this stage are very fragile, vulnerable. There are opposing forces.

These two worlds need to look at each other and co-operate.

Enforcement of the old to prevail on the new, will create problems.

Not respecting the old and speaking the truth with love, will also create problems.

In an ever changing world, nothing should be kept, materially, as an absolute. The material serves the Spiritual. And so the Spiritual will challenge the material to shift.

At times when growth is upon you, you need to see through all the above and acknowledge the request.

And, you need to put on the table your wisdom, but also, admit your vulnerability for being in unchartered waters, and move ahead with caution and an open mind.

What you don t see is ahead, but what you know is no longer appropriate.

Now, most of you need to ask the right questions but also you ll need mentoring. It s very difficult when you re vulnerable to create and choose a right course of action.

Because of this vulnerability, you may become very open to solutions that violate your core and values, and compromise your integrity.

In these times, there s massive awakening, but also a lot of confusion, exploitation, disorientation, loss, and many shadows coming on show.

There will be a need if you re not well informed, or know how to research, to look up to leaders. But even that needs guidance and can be complicated.

Very few people will know what s happening, how to handle information and decisions, and know, what comes from the heart and what s not.

Even fewer will be those who can see ahead clearly and hold a vision that serves well humanity.

We tell you, if you haven t been doing any work relevant to what s happening in the previous years, find a mentor, a guide.

It s of the outmost importance to take seriously this era that is upon you, and receive help and guidance.

This era is not only about you, but about you and others. What will be created is also for the next generations. You cannot ignore it.

Because it is generational, it s calling you. It reaches you, it affects you and requests your attention and action( if you read this transmission be sure about it). Even if you have turned your back to it, it s still there, not going away. It s persistent and durable.

We ll leave you with this:

To make sense of the New World, you need to have made sense of the old. The only way to avoid this, would be to be born in a World that never changes, never evolves.

Think of it this way:

You are given the great opportunity to experience the passage between two worlds and experience the New World. At the end of your days, you will have known an old world and a new world.


1. The words time and times in the transmission are used to reflect eras in the time frame. They are used with a deeper and broader meaning.

End of Transmission 13/2/2022

Eleftheriaⓜ from the New World

Copyright© Eleftheria Pagkalou 2022

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