Is the moment now?

This era is very powerful and intense. It comes as a storm after the years of a low harvesting due to the damage we have caused to our planet

There are years we place the seeds on the soil and years of harvesting.

There comes a time before the storm that one experiences loss and dead ends. Understanding things are not as they should is a preparation before the storm hits the ground.

We are not made to operate independently of nature and the world around us. We are meant to understand ourselves and learn the ways to interact with natural laws to thrive and maintain balance

Looking at the mess, one cannot suggest that this was unexpected. One cannot say, he s not lucky or that what happens is a misfortune. One way or another we are all together in this

Failing to see the oneness within this situation entails struggling and devastation. We cannot say “I wasn t involved in all this”. One way or another you were. I will dare to say “we were even predestined to be here at those times of human devastation and painful evolution”

Destiny is not written in a hard stone. And it s not what I mean. What I mean is that if you are here in this period of time, alive, in your human body, you are somehow involved in everything unraveling

I wish I could tell you, evolution is an easy process. It may never be. In many ways, you have to dry out your skin, loosen it and allow it to fall. That s the only way for the new skin to grow.

This is the way of things. An old system has to die off for another to emerge. It s a law.

There s no one path to evolution. We are living in a universe where freedom of choice shapes our reality whether we realize it or not.

If everyday you make a choice, you will bring upon you a specific result. It s inevitable that in a more or less fashion, you will be led to a specific result. None of us is the same, hence, how fast you ll create the specific result, depends on your own individual parameters.

Nature is intelligent.

Nature is innocent.

It will not try to fool you. It stands still, becoming and happening. It allows you to investigate for yourself and explore its natural laws. Yet again, you reach observations and conclusions. You then go away to ignore them or try to convince others of your observations. The possibility of others trusting your observations is minimal, unless you prove your point. Many will try to investigate your statements and many will reach different conclusions. Somehow, within all this, nature stands still, allowing you to do all these things. Natural laws remain the same, yet you go around and see whatever you want to see in this universe.

Days, weeks, months, years go by. Nature stands still and slowly transforms as a result of your interventions. If you violate deeply its natural laws, it will not retaliate, but it will act naturally to bring back the lost balance.

If you have created things that cause imbalance to the ecosystem, you will face natural justice.

It s up to you to accept the responsibility or try to blame others. It s up to you if you will decide to act to assist homeostasis. If you don t, as time lapses and years go by, you will have to face your extinction. Nature is in favour of those who are in sync with natural laws. Why would you choose anyway to violate your natural habitat? Isn t it the universe you chose to incarnate and be born?

Where are we in terms of history?

We stand in a very delicate point of our history. We are able to make a naturally favouring evolution which will turn things around and if you allow me to say “correct” possibly the injustice. Why? Because our evolution is favored by nature. When I say evolution, I don t mean survival but staying alive in a magnificent world. A New world that will be very different from the one we have encountered.

We are scared of change.

We are scared of the unknown.

Are we not scared of our inflexibility and inability to shift when all we see around is damage and harm made?

The chances for self destruction to be successful, become very significant as we resist change. Change is inevitable. If it wasn t, we wouldn t have come in this planet. Where time exists and is linear, we are living a life where series of events are taking place. This is a way to learn and a way to have the time to make realizations.

Time on the planet is very slow. This offers the opportunity to explore, learn and realise.

Could we be grateful for being here at this time?

Could we be grateful for breathing and experience the natural elements?

Could we be grateful of taking full responsibility of our existence on planet earth?

If we could be grateful of our existence on the planet, we could trully shift the old paradigms and grab the opportunity we are offered.

Will we accept it? Will you accept it?

I love you,


From New world.

Copyright© Eleftheria Pagkalou 2021

One thought on “Is the moment now?

  1. Ευχαριστώ πραγματικά για όλα αυτά τα ωραία μηνύματα!
    Με δυναμώνουν, με εμψυχώνουν!!!

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