An essentially Christmas post

I use DōTERRA Vetiver essential oil before going to bed. I put several drops on a 10ml roller bottle and add a carrier oil(preferably organic). I roll it up on my wrists and neck to support a deep relaxing sleep.

Vetiver essential oil is connected to Jesus Christ. The first time I opened Vetiver essential oil bottle and smelled it, Jesus Christ came to me. Comfort, balance and peace fell upon me. Later on I found out that Vetiver essential oil is a natural tranquilizer. Personally I feel it s an understated oil.

Vetiver essential oil brings us back to our roots. It grounds us to our physical world. This oil helps us connect deeply with ourselves and for this reason, it is incredibly supportive to self awareness work.

Vetiver challenges our need to escape pain. It centers us in our True Self and guides us to the root of our emotional problems. It doesn’t t do this through avoiding our pain, but through taking us to the the core of emotional problem. At times where this process is painful, Vetiver will keep you grounded and in the present moment to support your emotional cleansing.

Vetiver is a door to reading deeper parts of yourself and supports healing along the way.

Here is a prayer I say whilst I m using it

“Dear Christ, connect with me and help me be grounded and fully aware of my true self. Help me remain balanced, in touch with my higher self and at peace”

Love you,

Eleftheria + The Spirit of Vetiver

Copyright© Eleftheria Pagkalou 2021

To find out more about essential oils press on the link below

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