Fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness and shame. A way to deal with them

In this blog, I d like to address something that is very important. Some emotions that are sky rocketing in the last two years. For millions of people, this is the reality they are facing daily. For millions, all this has become the new reality or has been intensified due to the current global state.

There are many reasons of why you may experience these emotions. If they persist they need to be addressed. In such occasions it may be appropriate and important, to see a Psychologist for psychotherapy. In therapy, you ll find the safe space to explore, address, realize, learn and choose what is to be done to relief yourself of these bothersome, persistent, annoying, disturbing emotions.

Here, I d like to offer you a way to deal with fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness and shame.

These emotions carry very low energy and they hold the basis for some serious trouble in your daily life. If this is how you feel for a prolonged period of time, you most likely have trouble resting, sleeping, thinking clearly, making decisions, feeling exhausted and generally feeling hopeless. This is a problem because you become dysfunctional, you have a hard time dealing with simple daily tasks, your relationships may suffer dysfunctional behavioral patterns too. This can in turn become a vicious cycle, within which you ll feel trapped and hopeless. In this phase where you feel trapped and hopeless, depression has fallen upon you, you feel shame, you are scared, you re unable to cope and of course because you re hopeless, you cannot even think about asking for help.

(Please if you have someone close to you that may fit to this description, it s likely they need help. Be gentle and kind with them and direct them to see a professional to help them. Many people feel this way but don t know what to do. Their environment may dismiss their problem or not pay the attention necessary. These emotions may form a state that is very heavy for the person, with a very low energy signature which makes it very difficult for them to see the light in the end of the tunnel)

So, let me give you a protocol/solution that may assist you on turning these emotions around or help you improve. This is not to substitute professional help but to offer you a tool in your daily life that can give you back your power and control. Even if you don t believe in it, it will still work.

The amazing function of essential oils. They contain natural chemical compounds that transcend your logical mind and reach your body in a very profound and yet, gentle way.

Some times, you use them by inhaling them. Inhaling them reaches the olfactory area of your brain that connects to emotions. Hence, they are able to shift emotions and tune you into different ones.

Other times, we want to massage them on our body. Quickly they are absorbed by our skin and go into our blood circulation. There they find their way to assist our body internally and externally.

Finally, if the oil is pure and tested for its purity and safety, it can be taken internally to work with the body organs from within.

When we work with essential oils, we work with intention and view them as close friends. They are our pals that act in our favor.

If you are unable to state any intention or think, the first step is to start using them by diffusing them and massaging them on you. This is a step that doesn t require your deeper involvement. All you have to do is place them in the aroma diffuser or place them on your skin.

Essential oils to assist you to process your emotional state:

Balance blend: rub 2 drops onto the bottoms of feet morning and evening. This will bring a sense of safety. The first focus is to feel safe in the present moment, here and now.

Helichrysum: apply to your wrists and stomach area(solar plexus chakra). This will initiate healing from shame and despair.

Smart & Sassy blend: add 4 drops to your glass or stainless steel bottle throughout the day. This will ease any desire to self-sabotage.

Essential oils to assist you to progress your emotional state:

Melissa: hold a drop in the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds to stimulate serotonin and dopamine production and receptivity, resulting in a lightened countenance.

Bergamot:diffuse several drops during the day. This oil will help you return to your sense of who you truly are.

Frankincense: a drop under your tongue 2-3 times a day to combat depression by facilitating appropriate neurotransmitter activity.

Other things to do together with the use of the above protocol.:

Stay away from toxic environments as much as possible and stop listening to the mainstream news.

Drink water often during the day, go to bed if possible in a specific time, don t read or look on your mobile screen before going to bed. Do at least 1/2 hour of walk daily. If you can t do it in one go, get up, go out, do few movements, allow your eyes to look far in the horizon or as much as possible. Take time to eat well and rest. If possible make these your priority.

I will be talking more on other emotions that move up on the energy scale on future blogs.

For more information on essential oils + to order them follow the link:

To order press the link below and contact me if you need assistance:


I love you,


Copyright© Eleftheria Pagkalou 2021

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