Many frequencies & Realities in a two tier Society

Have you noticed that we are a two tier society?
Different frequencies and beliefs. And the narrative suggests, we are two categories only. But of course, the system they try to promote serves only their own narrative.

We are many different frequencies and realities. Not just two. When you categorize people in two categories, you have failed them massively and you re trying to drag them back to medieval years.

Who do you serve when you re creating such a system?

  1. You simplify your life.
  2. You serve yourself only.

By creating two categories only, you transmit information relating to these two and negate the existence of anything else. Anyone else is silenced. Anyone else is not heard. Anyone else is getting easier lost in the crowd.
By creating two categories of people, you only deal with the problems arising from their existence. The rebellion boils underneath but you continue to ignore it. You don t give it a voice. It is overrun by the voices of the two categories.

What a marvelous way to disempower, discredit and desensitize humans. What a wonderful way to create the outcasts ie those who transmit on different frequencies and represent other realities outside your two categories.

Why outcasts, you may ask?

Because if you keep on feeding the two categories, the mainstream will automatically categorize anything around it in just these two categories. People not fitting in one of these two categories become outcasts.

When is it that the earth became flat again?

You need to look around you and see. I will remind you. Almost two years ago, it was two weeks to flatten the curve. They told us, they did things in a way to bring us back to normality. But the fact is almost two years after, there s no reality like the one you remember and left behind. Everything you do is not normality. It is the new normal.

We were the Conspiracy theorists. I had told you back then that the term conspiracy theorist is used by the narrative(a term developed by the CIA) to destroy any truth coming out that could potentially destroy the narrative. Everything we told you it would happen, has happened, and more.

If you have gone with the narrative, you have forgotten who you are. Because the normality they have offered you is fake, it s another illusion. Living this illusion doens t allow you to see clearly the Truth.

It is only those who have resisted that see clearly what s happening. And those who don t resist but are living with people that resist, also see partially the truth.

For a long time now, we have those who continue to try to break the “resistance” and sell the narrative they themselves bought, to others. The censors live within your own famiy. Most of you have at least one censor in your family. They will monitor you, ask you questions, try to convince you, they have bullied you. They cannot respect you think differently and that this is ok.

It s really important as we move along, to keep our senses open because more people are awakening but also many fall into deeper sleep.

There s a time you realize, you can t help everyone, but you will help many. There s a time you also realize, many are already lost and this many times means, they have regressed in their personal healing. Others experience massive fall in consciousness without realizing.

Any behaviour that is repeated for some time and is based on conditioning, becomes a habit, an automatic response when elicited by specific conditions.

Psychology 101:
Classical conditioning.

Through a rewarding system you can teach whatever you want to another. They don t have to understand it or explain it. It becomes an automatic response eventually.

To cut the long story sort. Everything that is happening around us right now serves the purpose of re-wiring our brains, to condition us, to train us to a new reality that soon will be part of us.

As unfortunate as this may be, it is happening. You can start thinking about what I m saying or ignore it(as you usually do)and continue doing what you do daily.

Doing the same thing you do daily, produces the same results you produce daily.

Love you,

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