A new kit by Doterra Europe

This is the new kit for Europe.

Below you ll find information relating to the new essential oils.

The quality remains as always the highest priority with well tested essential oils making sure you will only receive the purest and most potent oils that work.

DoTERRA surprised us this year with a special blend that targets our metabolism. The essential oils blend contains essential oils in specific ratios to have an impact on metabolism.

This is the metabolic blend
MetaPWR video presentation

The essential oils contained in the kit on the top of the metabolic blend are:

Quaiacwood video presentation
Spanish Sage
Spanish Sage video presentation
Supermint in drops and Touch roll on version
Supermint video presentation

Here is the ebook with information of all essential oils. Take the time to read and explore. Reach out to me if you need assistance on getting your hands on them. There s no specific amount for your order nor any commitment to order again. But this is the beauty of it. Once you start using these oils, I am confident, you will not be able to look back ever again❤️

To order the kit follow the link below, and if you need help please contact me



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