A message. Do you need this?


Now that we passed into 2022, everyone has turned into New Year’s wishes, not wanting to discuss the real problems.
The wishes indicate what the world should be. Wishes are not a dream. They express common, real desires and needs. And they should be granted with ease.

Looking into the world and evaluate everything you re requested to do in comparison to your wishes. How does it feel to be told you re cared for, when you re not. That you re very much loved, when you re not. That prosperity is everywhere when you don t have money to pay your bills. That you should do this and that because others know your needs better than yourself. Or that it s for the shake of others, or your country or the planet.

You re such a good person, you take these statements at heart and believe them. And you take them at core value and implement them. You are convinced this is the way ahead. You tell other people who disagree with you off when in fact what you do goes against your own wishes. What you do doesn t feel like love. It doesn t feel healthy, it doesn t feel like prosperity but rather it feels like austerity. How many times have you been told that austerity is necessary for the survival of your society? A sacrifice you have to make for a little while until things improve?

Small businesses die. Big corporations earn billions at the time of austerity. When you sacrificed for the betterment of your society and the planet. They live and thrive and take away from you what you have.

Step back beginning of 2022 and think twice. What is it that you do that feels wrong? That makes you feel deprived of love? Think about the wishes you offered to others this year, and the wishes you received from others.

Put them all in front of you and think.
What is it You need to change to manifest your wishes? In 2022. Not in some year in the future that you are going to be told that it s ok to ask because now money exist or as a reward because you were a good kid.

As adults we think, we evaluate, we create and decide and we are responsible for our lives. But think, if you are responsible for your life and what you experience, why is it that others make decisions on your behalf and impose them on you?!

With eternal love,

Eleftheria ⓜ Teachings

Copyright © 2022 Eleftheria Pagkalou

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