Who is the anti vaxxer? A thought provoking sharing

Merriam‐Webster online dictionary defines “anti‐vaxxer” as:

: a person who opposes the use of vaccines or regulations mandating vaccination

This is how you can divide and conquer.

Most people would try not to fall into such a definition and get stigmatized. But this is a way to manipulate people.
Creating categories. Divide them. Make them feel bad or make them feel good about a specific choice.

Are you an anti vaxxer when you are pro vaccine but against mandating vaccination?

Are an anti vaxxer when you have done all vaccines but don t want specific ones?

Please start using higher reasoning.
It is totally useless to fight over something that is an individual choice.
There s no method fitting all and no one who can guarantee that no harm will be made to a person.

I never thought I d say this, but we need to question even the dictionaries. For example, this dictionary could state that in 2021, the term anti vaxxer was used in this way. And that this definition came from the politics ruling world.

Perhaps they need to add the term “medi vaxxer” which would stand for those who listen and use critical thinking to make a decision about whether to do it or not. If you give people a two sided option which is the two poles, they have to choose one of the two. But we are far beyond a polarized world. Or i thought we were.

Who decides for us what is right and wrong? If you were operating from a non dual world, would you put your finger in the trigger and point it towards another human being? What if they told you the gun is safe to use for sure when it was just a guess and you d have to try it in order to find out?

History has shown us that categorizing people is hardly beneficial and when suggested, it comes with cautions.

As a Psychologist I have been taught to see categories but also the multiple colours around spectrums. We need to evolve and transcend them when it comes down to the evolution of our species. For the shake of humanity.

For example, I m white, you re are coloured. These may be facts but also can be used as racist words. I said it as a fact in relation to colour. And this comment falls into categorizing by what you can see. But it can also be used to divide and discriminate people. In the latter occasion, it violates human rights. The fact a category can exist in a dictionary is because we have created it in a cultural or societal context. We have created the history of the term.

I will leave you with the article below which contains both the definition of the anti vaxxer and its problematic existence in the context used.

👇🏼Food for thought. I don t share this article because I agree with everything written in it. I m just presenting you with another point of view.

We are a million different Colours


I love you,


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