2022 and possible questions answered from the Spirit


What are we to expect of this year?

What is to come?

What is to be done to shift towards freedom and positivity? To shift the wheel?

What are we to learn? What do we have to do/actions to take?

What do we have to release?

2022 will be a year of a slow motion and we ll explain to you what this may mean.

As you have noticed things now move on very quickly and to most people, they don t make sense. Most people don t even realize they don t make sense.

They think it is normal to discover something in two days. They think it is normal to discover something really fast and they have come to believe in that under the name of Scientism, things can progress fast and be explained scientifically. Most people don t know that science is really slow and takes time and they definitely confuse science with technological advancements.

The dissonance between science and technology is that your body is a natural manifestation standing under Universal natural laws. So it is compatible with natural laws.

Technology on the other hand is a human creation and a human effort to investigate himself as well as improve himself.

Here you have those who believe that humans without technology are defect and that technology is the answer. The ego easily feeds off such beliefs and cultivates them. The soul knows the eternal truth and doesn’t buy into such endeavors.

So why is 2022 a year that will be fast made but very slow?

The technology is already made by those who control it, so naturally, things are released fast because they are made. They already exist in some human classes but not in the mainstream. So anything that is decided to be released in the mainstream will look as a fast made release.

But energetically, these advancements are not favored. Why? Because they are not Spiritually compatible. The energy that flows on earth increase Spiritual awakening very fast. This makes material manifestations really slow. Material is very slow in vibration. Spirit is very fast vibrationally. When you look at things from a spiritual perspective or from the Spiritual frequencies, material, in your case here, technology, will look very slow. Hence,you will have the time to realize what s happening around you.

Anyone in higher energy and vibration can slow down time and see the truth. This is how you are able to detect the truth and the lie. This is part of how you do it. One that is quick in seeing what s coming, is the one that sees present moment in slow time. You see a movie in slow motion.

Energy is not bound to time as material world is. So the one that creates a material reality may fall into the illusion that he knows more than those who don t yet know this reality. But this reality is made by the few and the many don t recognize it. There are occasions that to manifest fast, its masters, will do things to overwhelm people. On the other hand, they drag people into their reality to convince them that this is the only reality.

But the Spiritually aligned, do not buy into this reality because they see the possibility of multiple realities manifesting. They also see through illusions and are able to feel and detect intentions behind creations.

For those that are well awakened, the tricks of an illusion of a reality, don t work.

This is a law.

For the laws of a specific reality to work on you, you need to hold parts of this reality in you or you are drawn to it and become part of it.

For an illusion to hold you enslaved, you need to hold parts of it inside you or you need to be attracted to it.

Anyone above the illusion, will not be affected. She will be the observer.

When we tell you,you need to create your own reality and set your own truths in it, this is what we mean. If others create your reality, you are just a participant in it. But to be an active manifestor, you need to actively engage in creation.

2022 will offer humans even more opportunities to realize things and realities. Many will fall into the trap of illusions. People will loose as much as it s necessary for things to move and them realize what a grand opportunity they are offered.

You need to always remember. Your natural abilities are aligned with manifestation of your own reality. It s not as easy for everyone, because as you read this, we see many of you, can master energy better and faster than others. It is one thing to know something as a simple information and another to have the belief, experience and skill to do it.

As you decide to take over your life, you re still running on old programming. And this programming shows up daily on your path. You may experience it as obstacles or bad luck when in reality, it is your own past self that comes on the way.

Your ego will make everything possible to protect you by procrastinating, delaying and giving false information. “You can t do it, you are delusional, you ve been fooled, things cannot change, etc” are only but a few excuses she will give you daily.

You may find yourself falling back into the illusion or forgetting your commitment to take over. It is amazing how intense information can overwhelm you and set you back on your progress. This is why bombarding you with a lot and irrelevant information is a trick massively used to disorientate you and overwhelm you.

Eleftheria has been constantly set on people’s path to remind them of Spiritual laws and/or teach them to those who go to her.

Remembering who you are is a milestone, but to practice who you are, is a daily practice.

We want you to always know, next year is not set in stone. It s a massive experiment that can be turned around if You, each one of You, chooses to do your homework.

As you move ahead in time, the more realities will unfold. It is really important to do your homework because there s no other way to see through illusions.

Becoming a master is exactly that. Mastering yourself and be in control of yourself. Understanding, learning, applying Universal laws and stay true to yourself.

When Eleftheria mentions the word Freedom, she never means Freedom to destroy, although this may also mean that. She means, deeply understanding Freedom as a core value that keeps you in orbit, makes you understand structure and order and value life with the highest of regards.

The higher the level of consciousness, the more someone understands and applies Universal Laws. The more she is disciplined. Discipline is not compliance without understanding. Discipline means understanding the truth behind things and abinding to it.

As we move ahead, more things will come and more things you will understand if you so wish.


From the New World,

Eleftheria + her Spiritual Board

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