A clear path ahead

Channeling last night about the state of the world. So many questions I wanted to ask. Deep down I know the answers, yet each and every time I channel information, my mind opens up to a world that is magnificent.

I will not tell you the replies were easy to take. I will not tell you, you ll wake up in roses. “Why not?” you may ask.

If you belong to a very small percentage of the population that remains unattached by everything that s happening around you the last two years, congratulations. You are privileged enough to have the one eye closed and look on the other side.

I m not suggesting, everything is a disaster. I am aware of what s going on, but I m strong, optimistic and act according to my higher truth. Because, being passive and inactive is also an action. You are not asked to take sides, but you are called to look inside you and understand what it is that you want. We live in the era of the Self with capital S. No one can escape meeting themselves if they decide to stay around this planet these times.

Let me tell you something small as a background information before giving you a different piece of information. 2019, I had a really bad feeling that something terrible would happen. I felt the world had reached a dead end, things had to drastically shift and yet, I couldn t see how this could happen. I had to be patient and wait. There was a big gap between what I knew had to come, and where we trully were. Humans were just going around, working like robots, in times that we travelled in higher frequencies and magnificent things were happening. Most people hypnotized daily, living their life in what seemed to be an autopilot. I was told that part of my job was to inform people that this era would soon be over. I was told to prepare those who came to me asking for my help.

End of 2019 went in Austria in a beautiful trip. It was going to be the last one for some time. Nothing in my life happens by coincidence. This is the case for all people. The difference with me is that I am aware. So I observe, feel the feelings, interprete the signs and listen to my intuition and spiritual guidance.

Back to the presence:

These days my eyes turned to Austria because it is the country that i believe will initiate a domino effect. People around the world have their eyes right now on Countries that experience authoritarian governments and keep notes. I, take seriously what Austria is going through. It indicates something big is coming.

Back to the spiritual guidance I received. I want you to keep in mind that nothing is set in stone. Never forget that. Some things are to happen and others are tendencies yet. The things to happen are a consequence of our actions, thoughts and emotions that have written history up to now. There are multiple realities co existing right now and a dark dimension is not all there is.

Remember as you read that we are made of light and we are spiritual beings. We are being looked at and after. Remember that we live in times of the Self. What I mean is that we need to do our homework, take our power back and act.

The guidance was that right now with the procedure they enforce on us, our immune system is not being trained properly on the one hand and on the other, it s being disorientated and disempowered.


The body receives only part of the information about the virus. Fractures of it like a broken record. Hence, it isn t getting any training in remembering the virus. When the virus comes in contact with the body, the body is pushed to attack with a line of defense that is not integral. It s not like natural immunity that contains all the information. Small pieces of a puzzle thrown here and there overstimulating the immune system which at the end, gets compromised.

What s next though? Are the masters of this dimensional program aware of what they cause?

Of course they do but, they only know their side on the story. What they don t know is that by creating a pandemic, they promote natural pandemics. This is the reply of nature to support humans. A real pandemic would cause cleansing of the body and would stimulate immunity. It would bring balance back to nature.

At this point I thought “tell me more” and “oh shit”. They continued:

You have inside your genes viruses that are asleep for thousands of years. They are ancient and latent. If conditions allow and demand it, they ll wake up. These viruses had been dealt with in the past but now, they are awakening in a different environment than the one that put them to sleep. They are ancient and they ll be potent. They ll be cathartic. They will not be taken as something from the past but as something new by the experts.

Heart failures as hearts are already challenged, will be evidenced. And neurological problems with paralysis because right now a great percentage of the population has some type of inflammation in the nervous system. It will be brutal. But it will be purifying.

These are the years of remembering who you are and aligning your heart with your mind. Without trusting your intuition and what your heart dictates, your mind is just a device that reproduces thoughts and computes stories that go unchecked. For as long as your logic computes a reality without your heart engaged, suffering will be taking place together with dis-ease.

The story here is not to be scared. It is to take deep breaths and understand you play a big part on the story told. You are responsible with your thoughts and actions. You are responsible for creating the life you want.

Taking responsibility is very scary but it is the only way ahead. When you realize you are not what you are told but something much bigger, you have no other choice but to take responsibility and claim your power back.

In a world that generations back have taught us, we need someone to tell us what we need and what to do, we have forgotten how to take responsibility and what to do with our power. I m saying this and at the same time I will tell you that “for those who have forgotten to be in their own power and be responsible for their own creations, the transition will be difficult”. You will have to unlearn, release and learn again how to be a sovereign human being. But the first step is to realize that this is what you are . A sovereign human being.

Ultimately, I will leave you with this. What s coming is not easy, but it is what we need. And never forget, we are being looked after. We are never alone.

For as long as we avoid ourselves, we instead, choose suffering, hence. we create suffering

All my love,

From the new World,


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