Remember who you are

Here I d like to say that,

In the era where epigenetics offer us connections, understanding and solutions for our life and evolution,
We turn our back and think we are the victims of fate, and genetic inheritance?

So we really think we are defect?
That we have no control over our biology?

I have seen hundreds of spiritual teachers and energy workers falling into a loop because of their willingness to support humanity into this crisis.

Others, spiritually bypass the problem and just tell you to focus on positivity.
Others, used to teach about how to have control over your life but then they demonstrated lack of acting on their teachings.

Mostly, the mainstream dragged humans into fear, terror and told them “we ll find solutions for you” “you are unable to do this alone”.

Here we are today.

Old news I ll share with you that start to be forgotten:

Your thoughts and actions define the expression of your genes and your biology. Your thoughts and daily life with your emotions and diet, work synergistically with your immune system.

We were born to thrive.
We were born to shift the old paradigms of abuse, external control and become more involved in the making of our own life.

Do not forget who you are.
Remember who you are.

You are not what they tell you you are.
You are not wounded.
You are not imperfect.
You are not weak.
You are not in a constant danger.

You are an amazing being that has a human experience on the planet.
The germs are our friends forever.
Germs co existed with us since the beginning of our time.
They are friends.

A virus is an entity that comes to upgrade you, assist you in your evolution.

Remember who you are.


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