Good afternoon to all of you!

I am truly excited as 2017 walked in my life with lots of creativity peaks and positivity driving me into projects and answers to your requests.

Many people over the years have requested from me to create therapeutic and energy shifting “tools” to assist them at difficult times, when they are not around me or as a means to maintain their positive outlook.

I decided to start 2017 creating Sprays that turn out to be favorites to all individuals who have tried them. They are miracles created with the assistance of nature and the forces of the Spirit world.

The first patch of sprays is based on the basics (i.e. working to bring forth and maintain clarity, security and trust) and the energies mostly appropriate for the difficult times individuals, cultures and the planet share within these years. When we are not balanced within our Center and harmonious, we suffer from emotional, physical and spiritual withdrawals and experience dis-ease.

I was guided to create a Vibrational and Natural Spray to assist you daily on your path to recovery, maintenance and positivity. This Spray clears away negativity, psychic attacks, dissonance, activates the energy and protects the space and the individuals exposed to its frequencies. It works perfectly as a complimentary aid to all healing modalities we use at the Center or separately as an assisting healing tool.

May this year be lighter to you and your beloved ones. I am here to assist you on your path.

All my love,


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