The 2017 arrival 

Happy new year to all!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to experience the beginning of 2017 having left behind 2016. As many of you would agree, 2016 was an intense year challenging humanity outside its comfort zone. The reason I am so excited about 2017 is not because it will be a lighter year in terms of difficulty as the unmasking will continue, but because I feel it will continue to be intense in order to  intensify the call for humanity to act. We will be called to be activists in Peace. As the extremes will come to further conflict, we will be called to act with Peace rather than with war. War is a natural course of evolution as I was told by the Spirit world, if and only if we resist change. Each single one of us will be called to operate from the space of wisdom. It is not the time for the wise to engage to radical solutions and temperamental expressions. Because this year carries with it the signature of rebel and so adding to what already is out there will only lead to unnecessary explosions and chaos. Polarity will continue to express itself through the clashing of the opposites and it is important to find the ways to hold well in our centers as a means to remain balanced and act from this place of peace.

I channeled the following which is strong and may provoke the fear in you, however, keep in mind that the Spirit world intents to prepare us, give us the tools and be proactive to what may come to become a reality. Focus on what is told to you as a transmission of love and take the best out of it to prepare yourself and engage at the right action when the time calls for it.

“2017 is a year which will give you the chance to act differently, be more authentic and it will push you towards the edge to achieve so. This will be a year lacking in compromising techniques as methods of procrastination. To all of you that resist to challenge your comfort zone, you will find yourself pushed and “almost” “provoked” by the Universe to act on ways different than what you are used to. The more you will resist, the more likely it will be the suffering you will experience as a side effect of your resistance to change. The year will be good to those who are willing to “pass” the portal of change, letting go, of fear and insecurities, releasing the old and claim what is to replace the old. For the others things most likely will go rough as a means to deploy their navigation into a higher path existing for them. Since the veils of illusions continue to become thinner and thinner, more and more people will realize change starts from the self before there can be a change in the World and more and more individuals will be called into awakening. The fall in consciousness continues to shift towards awakening from individuals to masses with massive catastrophe following as a path to destroying resistance, challenging us at all levels i.e. mentally, physically, energetically and spiritually. You may find several people around you “collapsing” within their old patterns of safety, almost led to insanity. Please be aware, the Universe does not mean to scare you or distract planetary systems unless on our own Will i.e. our resistance to open up, accept and respect the changes necessary for the recovery and maintenance of the planetary systems. We shall live to experience even further planetary mass distractions for as long as we are led by our ego and refuse to follow through natural structures and laws. 

We need to understand, we are Divine beings, interacting within our environment exchanging constantly information with it, playing a significant role in the evolution of the Schools we participate and evolve in. For as long as we are not claiming authority and responsibility of our actions, we are bound by the Karmic laws experienced at lower levels of consciousness. If we are to claim our freedom, we are to claim responsibility and start acting from the heart of the human being our Creator designed and the one residing within”.


I send you all love & light,

May this year bring to you the light, love, health and prosperity you seek!


Channel Eleftheria Pagkalou

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