Psychological Therapy is a journey into the human personality and human life. It looks into your behaviours, your thoughts, your beliefs, your experience, your family, life story and history. It takes you into a journey of increasing your self awareness, recognizing behavioral patterns, the traumas associated with dysfunctional behaviors and attitudes, and your perception of life.

You will have the opportunity to look into yourself and discover things as well as exploring the patterns of your relationships at all levels i.e. your parents, intimate/love relationship and friendships through which you will meet with yourself and understand your journey into this life.

It is a thrilling journey; you are the hero and your life is the manifesto.

It is the hour dedicated to yourself, isolating from the outside daily routine.

It is the space to care for your self as a conscious choice and as an answer to an inner calling for care.

It may be a first step to understanding yourself more, to understand further your relationship to your life, to understand and grow into your relationships and to rebirth from them. It is your chance to explore different aspects of your life and deeper thoughts. It is a first step to opening up your petals, start breathing fresh air, opening up to a different reality and discovering new possibilities and opportunities.

It can take you on a journey to realize your traumas and choose to face them within a loving, compassionate, deeply caring environment.

It is the sacred place for you to open up, share and allow your Therapist to listen to you, support you and be there for you on this journey of discovering, unfolding and healing.

I have the experience and the passion to assist you on this personal journey. Allow me to do so.

Eleftheria Pagkalou Copyright 2016