This is the place to explore yourself and connect to others. This is another special form of therapy which can lead you towards unique paths and assist and support you on your path to healing. During the group meetings you will have the time to look into yourself and time for reflection as well as time to look outside yourself and experience mirroring of yourself through the others. You will share moments, thoughts, feelings and energy with the others in the group you would not be able to imagine now. It is a special place for connecting to others because the environment where the group takes place is unique and special by definition. Listening to others, supporting them and at the same time feeling yourself and interact with the group will offer you amazing moments of connection, sharing, reflection, understanding, acceptance, healing and growth.

The techniques used in a group are chosen by the therapist according to the needs of the group and the individual needs of the participants. It is an ever changing dynamic space to accommodate the needs and the growth of both the individuals and the group.

New groups are announced from time to time and are subject to seasonal openings. All participants hold individual meetings with the Therapist as a prerequisite to enter such a therapy setting.

If you are interested please contact me for more information and an interview.