Channeled transmissions date 5/12/2021. Important🌞

“… will almost look like a reset. And in many ways, it will be.

Some elements will go to zero, others will come forward to become the center.

You need to reform, rebuild the structures. There s structure in Universe. Structure is part of life.

The virus doesn t exactly mutate. It has different parts that express themselves because mRNA only deals with part of the virus and not the whole virus.

So what is at play, is a broken record. The body doesn t learn to deal with the virus if it s not natural immunity. It learns to deal with a fraction of it. And this stimulation, does 2 things:

  • Fail to train the immune system
  • Disorientate the immune system and disempower it

What will follow is a take over of more primitive viruses because as the immune system gets disempowered, more ancient viruses(heavier) are triggered in order to cleanse or retrain the immune system. These viruses are already within your genes, asleep for millions of years. If awakened, they ll look as new viruses because this is not the environment that once put them to sleep. Hence, they ll be potent”.

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